League of Tenders

Imaginary organisation which tries to overcome the alienation in our everyday labor and to create collectivities celebrating our features and dis(abilities).

All projects of League have a form of meetings.


League of Tenders was found by curators and researchers Elena Ishchenko and Mary Sarycheva in 2018. After holding 3 meetings, we can uncertainly proclaim that League exists for: 

a) celebrate our roughness, marks, and scars;

b) take care and chant the labor of care, admitting its limitations and dark territories;

c) make existing affective relations visible, grow new collectivities and cross parallel lines;

d) other, what still should be revealed by League members.


Mary Sarycheva, Elena Ishchenko.

Participants (in different times):

Ira Afanasyeva, Kristina Baeva, Danyil Batishchev, Alisa Borovets, Yana Vasilyeva, Olesya Kambarova, Katrin Kovalyonok, Elena Kolesnikova, Anya Kravchenko, Ilona Marti, Masha Orlova, Margarita Podgornaya, Evgeniy Rimkevich, Sasha Rudenko, Sasha Rukosuev, Vassily Subbotin, Stepan Subbotin, Evgenya Suslova, Yulia Shafarostova.


November 2018. First Meeting — Artur Zmijevski. Realism.

December 2018. Notes on Love (in neoliberal times). Meeting with Ingo Niermann and Army of Love screening.

Opencall for participation in second Meeting.

April 2019. Second Meeting. Protocol #1 (first meeting at the playground).

May 2019. Third Meeting. Schedule. Май 2019.

May 2019. Thirs Meeting. Meeting protocol.

January 2020. Ilona Marti. Beyond Vision.