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Typography CCA together with Pushkin House (London) and Centrala Space (Birmingham) present the Music Exchange Programme between Krasnodar and Birmingham. The program will feature live shows and performances, All Systems Go project screenings, and a radio programme series on Radio Fantasia.

Translocalities Music Exchange Programme is part of Pushkin House’s Translocalities programme which facilitates exchange between cultural organisations outside of capitals in Russia and the UK. Following the initial research trip that enabled the curators and heads of these dynamic cultural organisations to meet in person for the first time, Translocalities culminates in a series of digital and physical public initiatives across time zones. 

For Typography, this project will become part of the Center’s music programme, which aims to introduce local musicians and artists working with sound, promote them, and introduce local audiences to experimental electronic music from around the world. The basis of the Typography CCA music program is Radio Fantasia, a crossgenre community radio that includes mixes and broadcasts with musicians, artists and sound researchers, which appeared at the Center in July 2021.

Translocalitites program also includes showcase exhibition of women artists based in Krasnodar region Katerina Verba, Sasha Demina, Yana Alalykina, Elena Kolesnikova, and Julia Shafarostova. All artists graduated from Krasnodar Insitute of Contemporary Art.

In March in Krasnodar artists Alisa Oleva will conduct a laboratory as a part of Translocalities program.

Music program curators: Misha Kurilov and Marianna Kruchinski (Typography), Alicja Kaczmarek and Richard Short (Centrala Space)

Organization, management: Elena Sudakova and Denis Stolyarov (Pushkin House), Alicja Kaczmarek (Centrala Space), Marianna Kruchinski, Nikita Sokol and Elena Ishchenko (Typography)


Live performances will take place simultaneously at Typography in Krasnodar and Cen trala in Birmingham on the 19th of February (6pm GMT time/9pm msk time). Concerts  by British artists Andrew Woodhead with his electroacoustic duo ELDA and Meesha  (Dorcha, Pretty Grim), Wild Rani and Sunnk will be broadcasted to Typography, where  performances by the following local musicians will take place: FMSAO, Ded Hasan Bat tle Cry, Heavymetal.4pl and Maksim Logvin.  

All Systems Go is a multi-disciplinary project involving musicians, performers and art ists working with sound who together created a series of experimental performances,  installations and films responding to the pandemic. The project began in 2021 and in volves a total of eight pieces commissioned by Centrala. Three of them will be screened at Typography in Krasnodar on the 11th and 25th of February (6pm GMT /8pm msk time) and accompanied by artist Q&As.

The event is part of the UK – Russia Creative Bridge programme 2021-2022 supported by the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Moscow.

LIVE performances

February 19th, 20:00 msk
Typography CCA, Centrala Space online

ELDA и Meesha Fones (Dorcha, Pretty Grim)

ELDA is a duo of Andrew Woodhead and Aaron Diaz, working in a variety of contexts including jazz, free improvisation and electronic music. This time musicians will perform with Meesha Fones, who is an experimental sound artist, director and member of the noise-rock band Pretty Grim.

ELDA on Bandcamp

Meesha Fones on Soundcloud

Wild Rani

Wild Rani is the solo project of Rebecca Mahay, Leeds-based performer, previously of Birmingham, UK and Detroit, USA. She is also half of MIRROR II RORRIM with Heath Moerland. Rebecca works with voice, noise and various ways of sound synthesis, collecting all this into a single complex compositional canvas.

Wild Rani on Bandcamp


Sunnk is a Birmingham-based video artist and glitch musician, co-founder of glitch[dot]cool, a collective of audio researchers, programmers and artists working with audio and visual glitches. The community strives to support and develop this direction in culture, working at the intersection of technology and art.

Sunnk on Facebook


A solo project by Evgeny Schukin, who also writes music in the duo NARCISSI. In 2019, NARCISSI presented a self-titled EP at Danse Noire. Evgeny is also one of the founders of the Fuselab label, where many Russian experimental musicians have been released, such as AL-90, Moa Pillar, HMOT, Ishome, Monokle and others.

Lives and works in Krasnodar.

FMSAO on SoundCloud
Fuselab FMSAO on SoundCloud
NARCISSI on SoundCloud

Ded Hasan Battle Cry

A duet of free improvisation that, in their activity, tries to slip away from roots and spines to crawling on carpets and ant colonies, biting bats, as well as black polecats and reed dolphins.

The duet members live and work in Krasnodar.

Beefproduction (Heavymeta.4pl & Maxim Logvin)

Heavymeta.4pl is a digital researcher, a DJ, an artist who combines experimental electronics, doom metal with wild guitar riffs and voice inserts. Participated in the Training Fantasia film programme with the film Overdrive, performed as part of a showcase of Krasnodar musicians at the Rosbank Future Cities festival (Krasnodar, 2021).

Maxim Logvin is an architect, a member of the LUMB group, who works with contrasts of euphoria, anxiety and calmness in musical rhythms. One can describe his sound as dense and absorbing ambient intertwined with emotional hip-hop or its deconstruction. Participated in the SHIKUCHI festival (Moscow 2019), did a mix for Radio Rietveld (student Radio of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam), as well as sound work for performance as part of the inclusive laboratory club of anonymous dancers (Krasnodar, 2021).

As part of live performances, Heavymeta.4pl and Maxim Logvin will perform b2b, presenting a joint beefproduction project.

Maxim Logvin on SoundCloud

Heavymeta.4pl on SoundCloud

All Systems Go Screeinngs

All Systems Go is a multi-disciplinary project involving musicians, performers and art ists working with sound who together created a series of experimental performances,  installations and films responding to the pandemic. The project began in 2021 and in volves a total of eight pieces commissioned by Centrala. Three of them will be screened  at Typography in Krasnodar in February and accompanied by artist Q&As.

February 11, 20:00 msk

The Seer aka. Conny Prantera. HUMAN?

Feminist sound- and video artist The Seer aka’s macabre performance  “HUMAN?” draws inspiration from poetry and dreamscapes to address  the relationship between humans and nature. “HUMAN?” is a new performance created especially for All Systems Go.

The Seer on Instagram

February 25, 20:00 msk

Kai Chareunsy. In Free Fall

In Free Fall is a performance by musician, drummer and composer Kai  Chareunsy known for his melodic approach and a background in jazz and  improvisation as well as electroacoustic music. 

Shad wa Ali. Resonance of the Gyre

Resonance of the Gyre is a performance by the audio-visual artist Shad wa Ali from Egypt whose works explore the human psyche and society  through the lens of Cairo and her native Alexandria’s chaotic day-to-day  routines.

In Free Fall Kai Chareunsy
Kai Chareunsy site

Resonance of the Gyre Shad wa Ali
Shad wa Ali site


Pushkin House is a platform for communication, exchange, interpretation and dialogue. It connects creatives from the UK and Russia, facilitates active enquiry and encourages conversations between academics, writers, poets, artists and researchers from Eastern and Central Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Its programme consists of thematic Seasons of events and exhibitions that span across literature, art, music, film and culture in the widest sense.


Centrala Space was launched in 2014 and has gone onto establish itself as a nationally and internationally recognised centre for Central and Eastern European art and artists. It is now the only publicly-funded gallery of its kind and the only advocate for Central and European art and artists outside of London. Its mission is to act as powerful advocates for social integration, bringing together diverse audiences under one roof to share, explore, debate and connect with high quality art and events. Centrala strives towards a vision of a society where Central and Eastern European communities are welcomed and integrated, and where their art, culture and heritage are recognised and understood.



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