League of Tenders

Imaginary organisation which tries to overcome the alienation in our everyday labor and to create collectivities celebrating our features and dis(abilities).

All projects of League have a form of meetings.


The League of Tenders was founded by two curators and researchers, Elena Ishenko and Maria Sarycheva. It aims to produce collectivities, as well as to foster and diffuse the affective dynamics within them. The League of Tenders has been transforming according to the changing interests of the organizers. Over time, it has been focusing on disability representation, overcoming the alienation of everyday labour, practices of care, and support and friendship in the age of disasters. The League has a variable set of participants, who the organizers choose to invite according to their private sympathies and current interests. 

All practices of the League of Tenders stem from desire:

 a) to glorify irregularities, roughnesses and scars;

 b) to care and to celebrate the labour of care, recognizing its limitations and dark territories;

 c) to make the existing affective connections visible, to foster emerging collectivities, and to cross the parallel lines;

 d) and other ones, which are yet to be discovered by the participants of the League

The practices of the League of Tenders include annual Congresses of its participants, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, a telegram channel, online chats, aimless conversations, shared experiences, and subjective and inconsistent documentation kept by the organizers. The map of the League of Tenders indicates the changes in interests, the territories of care, the texts read and the topics discussed by the participants at different times.


Mary Sarycheva, Elena Ishchenko.

Participants (in different times):

Ira Afanasyeva, Kristina Baeva, Danyil Batishchev, Alisa Borovets, Uliana Bychenkova, Yulia Bylenok, Anastssia Dmitrievskaya, Janna Dolgova, Dorota Gaweda, Sasha Huber, Nadezhda Ishkinyaeva, Olesya Kambarova, Katia Khasine, Lena Klabukova, Katrin Kovalyonok, Elena Kolesnikova, Anya Kravchenko, Egle Kulbokaite, Evgeniy Kutergin, Ilona Marti, Alisa Oleva, Masha Orlova, Margarita Podgornaya, Evgeniy Rimkevich, Sasha Rudenko, Sasha Rukosuev, Nikolay Spesivtsev, Nadya Striga, Vassily Subbotin, Stepan Subbotin, Evgenya Suslova, Stas Sharifullin, Yulia Shafarostova, Antonina Trubitsyna, Yana Vasilyeva, Katerina Verba, Daria Iuriichukl, Svetlana Usoltseva, Dzina Zhuk, Sasha Zubritskaya